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Saturday, March 9, 2013

"History of the River Ride" a Series

The River Ride has a long and rich history.  The Saturday River Ride began in 1981 when City Bicycle Works was on "J" street, and the Tuesday (formerly the Tuesday/Thursday) River Ride began in 1976!  Interviews are taking place, and there is a push to get stories about the routes, history, and whatever information can be found to post it here.

If you know of a 70s, 80s, or 90s River Rider who has any stories, let the blog know!  It would be interesting to find out the roots of the ride, and what has taken place through the years.  Stories and interviews will be posted (hopefully) frequently as they come in.  We can just cross our fingers and hope that we get some stories from the "River Ride Hall of Fame," like Norm Alvis, Scott McKinnley, John Brady, Harvey Nitz, Eric Heiden, Kevin Metcalf, Stace Cooper, Julie Young, Dominique Anderson, Vince Gee, Paul Estabrok, Tim Imai, Greg Edwards, Michael Williams, Tad Bell, Jess Polakoff, and Chad Gerlach.  Who are we missing?


  1. There has to be a piece on the Portuguese rider Fernando!

    1. Once in the late 90's on the way out the cops pulled us over in the library parking lot on South Land Park and Fruitridge. 40 or so guys milling around and fuzz kept asking "who is in charge". "No one" we responded. "Someone has to be the leader" they insisted. "Where is Fernando?", I yelled to laughs from the crowd. So we sent over Fernando, and he talked to the cops for a few minutes while the rest of us rode away. Heh, heh.... ;-)

  2. Looking forward to reading these