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Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 River Ride World Championship Race Report

What is epic? If it's rain, if it's wind, if it's cold, if it's fifty or more riders battling for the win - the Sacramento River Ride World Championship was all of these. 

Though the rain let up by the halfway mark, the pace never ceased. The race ride was animated by a never ending flurry of attacks from the Killer B's, Byron, Bob, and Bryan. Casey Fallon and Chuck covered many of their attacks, with Chuck eventually flatting out after Metro AirParkway. 

Eventually an attack from Bryan through the airport separated him, Bob, and Casey from the group after Byron made a wrong turn. Their lead looked insurmountable until they were stopped at the light on Del Paso, which at the scolding of Bryan the would wait for because "those are the rules!" The field would get within shouting distance by the time the light turned green. Both groups rolled through the same light cycle. 

Surprisingly the trio held there slim advantage down Garden Hwy. with two miles to go, what looked to the field to be cat and mouse tactics in the break was in reality utter exhaustion. With 500 meters to go an outsmarted Bob was caught off guard while on the front from the untamable long snap of the eventual winner Bryan. Bob held on for 2nd while Casey was absorbed by an angry field led by Chris Espy for third.

Phoebe Hill Climber was the one lone woman who showed.  Though her presence was to film the ride, she becomes the Women's  2014 River Ride World Champion!

Congratulations Bryan Larsen and Phoebe Hill Climber, your 2014 River Ride World Champions! 

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