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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Max Mack - 1982

Max Mack has been around for quiet some time, blessing us with his gift of gab and some awesome, yet very bright, neon kits.  Did I mention he has bright kits?  You can't miss him, especially when he is in the mood to sprint - which he does very well.  

He begins his interview commenting on the Portuguese rider Fernando.... 

Word. Fernando needs to tell us how the hell he was able to ride along side of the peleton at 28mph saying, "Hahlo"!

I cut my teeth on learning how to ride in 1982 with Alvis, Nitz, Williams, Imai, Brady, McKinley, Dave Baker and later with Chris Baker. It was a true proving ground and keen venue to hone one's skills for race day. Though, I have found that some race days were easier after doing a Tuesday / Thursday River Ride (Fast & Furious). The Saturday River Rides were always huge due to the longer distance and double sprint lines. 

Funny story: When Chris Horner was riding for Saunier / Prodir, he rolled with us, effortlessly at that. On the way out, I got in a break with him and three other guys. I did not realize this was CHRIS HORNER! As I struggled to stay with the break, he easily rolled through and said just sit in a bit and don't kill myself. He then proceeded to roll through and stayed at the front for the final 3K or so. As we turned around, I thanked him and asked him if he was a Cat 1 or a US Pro. He nonchalantly said he was a pro. I complimented him on his prowess and asked his name. Again, with grace and calm, he said, "Oh, I'm Chris". 

As we made our way back in to town, I commented on how bloody fast, smooth and clean of a rider this guy, Chris was. The person told me that, "that Chris guy" was CHRIS HORNER! What a knuckle head was I. Even better, what a gracious, humble man he was, and still is. Too boot, Chris had ridden down from his home in Auburn and was riding back after schooling us all, gracefully, on the River Ride! 

I am continually grateful to ride with so many quality elite, master, and professionals on the River Rides. 

Just a few other notables I have had the pleasure to ride with and get schooled by: John Elgart, Mary Maroon, Chad Gerlach, Flavia Oliveira, Jesse Moore, Chuck Hutcheson, Vince Gee. 

Keep it coming...

Max Mack

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