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Monday, April 1, 2013

Vince Gee - 1977

Vince Gee may hold the record for the most River Rides ever done, and if he is not at the top of the most sprint wins, he is certainly close.  Though he is the "teacher" to many "grasshoppers," myself included, even he had to have a River Ride first.  Here is Vince Gee's recount:

I first found out about the river ride in the late seventy's. But it was not because I did one. It was my brother who told me about them. One day, he and his friend tried the river ride. They crossed the Freeport bridge and the peloton started the rotation. My brother and his friend made it through 1 rotation. Immediately after that, they were dropped.

From that day forward , I looked for the river ride. My street was perpendicular to Freeport Boulevard, so I could look across a field and see the river ride go by.

Later on, my first year of high school, I met 2 guys who were cyclist. I was drawn into cycling and from that day forward I did as many River rides as I could. 
Hooked for life. 

It took me MANY river rides to figure it out. I am not sure how many times I got dropped before I figured out how to finish with the pack. I got dropped so many times because I was not physically very strong and also not very smart tactically. But even though I got dropped often, I still came back for more.

Here, 36 years later, I am still looking to have fun on the river ride.

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